When an emergency condition prevents the use of a competitive procurement method, the University may conduct a procurement on an emergency basis. Emergency procurements may be negotiated on a sole source or limited competition basis as dictated by the circumstances surrounding the emergency.  

What is an emergency

  • There is an adverse impact to the University and/or its programs
  • To preserve or protect University property
  • The health or safety of any person(s) or animal(s) is adversely impacted

What is not an emergency

  • Procurements that need to be rushed because of an avoidable failure to plan ahead
  • End of the fiscal year procurements
  • End of a grant/contract procurement

Who determines an emergency

  • Procurement Director or Designee
  • President
  • Vice President for University Operations
  • Associate Vice President of Facilities
  • Chief of Police
  • Director of Environmental Health Services, or other responsible University official who is managing the emergency condition may declare an emergency, provided that, whenever practicable, approval by the Procurement Director or designee shall be obtained prior to the procurement.

We are here for you

We recognize emergencies happen and the Procurement Team is here to assist in supporting the Ram Community in getting through difficult and unexpected times. Please contact us as soon as possible so we may work with you to get through any emergency that arises.

Emergency Procurement Procedures

The procedure used shall be selected to assure that the required goods or services are procured in time to meet the emergency. Given this constraint, such competition as is practicable shall be obtained. Any acceptable form of solicitation (e.g., written, faxed, electronically transmitted, phoned, etc.) may be used to obtain quotes for an emergency procurement.

Limits of an Emergency Procurement 

The emergency procurement shall be limited to the procurement of only the types of items and quantities or time period sufficient to meet the immediate threat and shall not be used to meet long-term requirements.


As soon as practicable after an emergency procurement decision, the responsible University department shall initiate a requisition and attach a written justification to be approved by the Procurement Director or designee, which sets forth the justification for the emergency procurement.

The justification shall include the following:

  • Basis for the emergency procurement including the date the emergency first became known
  • Listing of the goods and/or services procured
  • Description of the efforts made to ensure that proposals or offers were received from as many potential vendors as possible under the circumstances
  • Basis of selection of the awarded vendor