At Colorado State University, the Supplier Inclusion program supports the University’s goals for promoting inclusive, equitable, and socially responsible purchasing. The University is committed to establishing mutually beneficial relationships with diverse suppliers and to identify and enhance supplier opportunities. The Supplier Inclusion program provides a resource to assist the university community to encourage the utilization of small and diverse businesses and to ensure compliance with applicable federal regulations.

Program Objectives

  • Guided by a belief in inclusiveness and equity, the Supplier Inclusion program advocates and promotes small and diverse supplier utilization across the University to increase competition and the depth of our suppliers.
  • Help departments and units utilize spend with a diverse set of suppliers by increasing the internal visibility of those suppliers.
  • Leverage the university’s economic power to support local economies and empower the communities we serve with meaningful community engagement.
  • Fulfill the small business act requirements on related federal contracts to ensure minority owned, woman owned and economically disadvantaged woman owned, HUBZone, 8(a), veteran owned, and service disabled veteran owned businesses have the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in providing goods and services, and to serve as a resource to university employees needing to meet federal subcontracting goals.

Supplier Inclusion Manager

The Supplier Inclusion Manager and the Small Business Liaison Officer works with departments, units, programs, research groups to find products and services that will meet their needs while supporting local businesses and business that are recognized as diverse suppliers. 

Information for departments on when the self-certification guide is needed:

Self-Certification Form Guide (PDF)

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Resources for Depts, Units & Research Groups

All campus personnel may reach out to CSU’s Supplier Inclusion Manager for assistance with sourcing vendors for any upcoming procurements, large or small.

Resources for Businesses

We welcome and encourage small businesses concerns to contact us to learn how to do business with CSU. Email us at to get started. 

For Solicitations Calendar Year 2022

71% went to Small Business Enterprises

13% went to Women Business Enterprises

7% went to Minority Business Enterprises