The Office of Procurement Services strives to provide valued customer service in the acquisition of optimum quality goods and services while adhering to University, State, and Federal requirements in support of the University’s mission. It is incumbent upon Procurement Services to ensure an inclusive and ethical procurement process for our customers, taxpayers and the vendor community.

Procurement Services manages general procurement and strategic sourcing, Kuali Shop Catalogs, Procurement Card (PCARD), and the University’s Small Business Program.

Guiding Principles

Each individual in the Department of Procurement Services is committed to these guiding principles:

  1. To conduct all procurement activities with only the best interests of the University, it’s Board of Governors, and the State of Colorado in mind.
  2. To conduct business in a professional manner with integrity, openness, and fairness to all involved.
  3. To exercise discretion, use sound business judgment, and assure compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in dealing with contractors and prospective contractors.
  4. To satisfy the customer’s needs for products and services that further the goals and objectives of the University and its programs, while meeting reasonable expectations of cost, quality, and timeliness.
  5. To enable and encourage its customers to seek innovative products and services through knowledge of the market place, promotion of competition, and access to leveraged buying opportunities that create value.

Scam Alert

Procurement Services has been the target of a scam for the purchase of large quantities of materials (computers, toner, thumb drives, acrylic plastic, adhesives, batteries, and more).
Do not respond, provide any information or fill any order. Remember, if it looks suspicious it probably is a scam.
If you believe you are a recipient of a scam call or email similar as described above, please report it to Procurement Services. We would appreciate any email messages received being forwarded to
Please share this information with others in your company that should be alerted to this scam.